These are articles Jeanie and Ken have written about our trips to abroad. Most of these have been published in the Desert Exposure here in SW New Mexico.

Desert Exposure July 2008 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD 
Wonderful Deathless Ditties - Music, food and friends across England and Ireland. 

Desert Exposure January 2008 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD 
Peppers Without Borders Berets and balconies, chile ristras and fast accordion music in Basque country and SW France.

Desert Exposure August 2007 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD 
Sunflowers, Saunas and Stuttgart Barbeque - Silver City's "chilegumbo" musicians write home from their performing tour of Europe.

Desert Exposure April 2007 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD
Our Rural Touring Scheme - Oh, to be in England now that spring is here! Fortunately for us, Bayou Seco is.

Desert Exposure April 2006 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD
World Cup and World Music - From the byways ans music venues of Europe, Bayou Seco's Rolling Postcard 2006    

Desert Exposure August 2005 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD
Sharing New Mexico's "Chilegumbo" music across the continent.   

Desert Exposure Summer 2004 BAYOU SECO'S ROLLING POSTCARD
Oh the rolling postcard, watch it all roll by.